Chennai is too hot

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Chennai people are very sad on because of it's too hot today. So if anyone can give more tips to cool themselves. Most of the people want to take rest at home and some of them are working in office and factories and all. So they are getting more sweating and they feel tired on because of too hot in Chennai. I don't know what is the status of other cities in India.

How to save human life?

In Chennai, we need to put more trees to get back to coolness. I dont know how for it is possible. At the same time, we should avoid people to come to Chennai for job opportunity at daily basis. Also Chennai Corporation should do some awareness program to the people about to make Green in home. Tamil Nadu should create a job opportunity in all Districts then people might be getting job in their district then they may not attack chennai to get a job.

Also Tamil Nadu or Indian Government should concentrate on Agriculture improvement to get job opportunity through farming then the people may not come from villages. I hope it may not be possible but we can try to start small work for the regarding then it will be giving the best results in future.

Tamil New Year and Pongal Wallpapers :

Pongal Greetings in Tamil (Wallpapers)
Pongal Greetings in Tamil (Wallpapers) :

Pongal Greetings Wallpapers

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Pongal Greetings Wallpapers :

Pongal Wallpapers

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Pongal Wallpapers "

Chennai Shops closed on 04.09.2009 because of the Andhra Pradesh Former Chief Minister Mr.Raja Sekhara Reddy's funeral function and Tamil Nadu Government also gave one day leave for the all the government school and offices.

Indian Elections results

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India 2009 election has dominated by the Congress party and the UPA got 261 seats to ready for form the new government.

NDA got 162 seats and Third front 67 and other 27 seats